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As an implementor, I am most proud my work on TriMet’s Orange Line. As East Segment Director I was responsible for delivering 6 miles of light rail through 4 local jurisdictions, 2 Quiet Zones, adjacent to a main line Class 1 railroad, over streams, requiring relocation of multiple complex industrial businesses, and partially effecting hundreds of property owners, all within a tight timeline and established budget.

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Project Management

With a successful track record of delivering complex projects, I know project management means knowing the status of scope, schedule, and budget at any time. It’s also about solving problems and balancing competing priorities. Well known for summarizing issues into “one-pagers” I value the use of tools that help communicate complex issues to owners, consultants, contractors, and stakeholders in ways that are easy to understand.


Balancing both sides of the equation Scope (Cost) = Budget is an iterative process, however the Budget side is usually fixed. Balancing all partners aspirations for transformative infrastructure with the actual budget available can be controversial. Each project needs attention at regular cost estimating intervals to ensure continued progress. I bring a wealth of experience and an appetite to marshal teams through these sometimes difficult processes.

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Partner Agreements

I led charrettes with community groups, partner agency staff and leadership, and my project team to develop a Nature in Neighborhoods grant request. I listened, was open, engaged with all attendees, used resources at my command to explore possibilities and maintained broader project goals. I recall one professional who represented a special district in the area and whom the community respected saying, “There’s just not enough here.” To which I responded, “What would be enough?” and from that exchange where I honestly sought and responded to that critique, we built a proposal with a strong alliance of former adversaries, who became project advocates. This resulted in the award-winning Park Avenue Station and Park and Ride.

Design and Construction Contracts

Always, projects are about the people. There is no one right way to deliver projects. Lunar can help you assemble the right team for the project at the right time. 

As a Civil Engineer I am also a technical generalist which has allowed me the benefit of knowing and engaging with designers and contractors in all aspects of roadway, utilities, traffic, and structure design and construction. My entire career has been at the intersection of all these aspects of engineering and has reinforced to me the benefit of being a comprehensive engineering professional  as opposed to an expert in one field. It has allowed me to engage with detail designers to ask questions that tease out not the only the right technical responses, but ones that lead to implementable projects that meet the goals of jurisdictions and stakeholders.

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